Katie Robertson

Black History Month Event

Today was the event for the Fugitive Slave Chapel and it went well. There were about 15 people just enough to make the intimate room cosy and not claustrophobic. I bought a lot of food for the event and donated the left overs to George and Delta to use for their church suppers for the homeless. George and Mark were both great speakers and kept everyone interested and entertained. I was very stressed out about how the event was going to go but it turned out to be better than I expected! I owe a great deal to Professor Bell who came up with the idea to have a Black History Event in February. Also I should mention that I owe a huge thank you to the Huron History Society for their help planning and promoting the event. Overall, I could not have been able to do this event without my partners Katie C. Abby, Devon and Garrett. I’m extremely glad that we could all help bring back to Huron the importance of preserving local history and create greater awareness for the Fugitive Slave Chapel.


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