Garrett Loubert

Black History Month Event

Throughout the course of the year the group was able to have a series of events that would produce both information and funding towards the Fugitive Slave Chapel. We were able to host an event in the Sage room that brought in two presenters Mark who talked about his upcoming documentary, A Light at The End of the Tunnel , and our CBL correspondent George McNeish who gave the audience a glimpse into the history and future of the Fugitive Slave Chapel. Both Speakers gave insight to how important the City of London was to the black community during the late 1800’s continuing until present day.

Bake Sale 

As part of our 2cent campaign we organized a bake sale that took place on Monday, March 24th in the Huron SAC. We raised over $100 with the help of generous donations. This fundraiser not only raised some cash to go towards the project but helped spread word on the Fugitive Slave Chapel’s relocation project to a wider audience. It was great to see the Huron community come out and support the group’s efforts, all donations were greatly appreciated and are going to a truly worthy cause.



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