Abby Killby

Black History Month Event

Earlier this month we hosted an event for Black History Month. It was held in the sage room in collaboration with the Huron History Society. Because the sage room is a fairly small area, we were able to fill the room for those who were interested. Our main speakers were Mark hidden and George McNiesh. Mark explained his intentions to complete his documentary about slavery in London/Middlesex and area, called The Light at the End of the Tunnel. While it was a brief presentation, it was interesting and informative. Our next speaker George McNiesh presented his involvement in the Fugitive Slave Chapel Preservation Project, and future plans for a book which he plans to write. We were thankful for George for showing up, as he was in the hospital the night before. It was clear that he is incredibly passionate about his work, and the issues surrounding it. Unfortunately I had to leave early for work and was unable to be there for the remainder of Mr. McNiesh’s presentation. Overall the event was successful thanks to the help of the Huron History Society, and all involved.


Pamphlet and Research

Originally, our group had planned to revise/recreate an informative pamphlet for the Fugitive Slave Chapel. Unfortunately we were unable to get in contact with our CBL partners in time, and plans changed. In the end, we ended up assembling a binder full of letters, donations, and well wishes, which our CBL partners plan on displaying once they have reached their goal and the church is re-opened in the new location.

Bake Sale

On Monday March 24th, our Community Based Learning group held a bake sale in support of the Fugitive Slave Chapel of London and the Two Cent Campaign. Some members of our group met over the weekend and used our baking skills (which we were fairly proud of) to bake what we had planned to sell. Rather than put a price on each item, we decided to make it a donation bake sale, this was we had a reason to explain what the fugitive slave chapel is, and what our motives were for fundraising. Over all it was a rather successful bake sale, with us raising around $100 dollars for the cause.




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